Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Egocentric!

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1) Leo

Since Leo is ruled by the sun, a representation of the ego, it seems to reason that they would be at the top of the heap. Leo is highly attuned to their own needs and wants.

This can, at its worst, appear egotistical, playing into the Leo stereotype of needing to be the center of attention at all times.

2) Aries

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, naturally takes charge and leads the way for the other signs to follow. Aries has the potential to seek praise from others merely to feel alive.

They are unable of putting themselves in the shoes of others and understanding how their actions affect others.

3) Scorpio

As a result of placing a high importance on their egos, Scorpios tend to be self-centered and dishonest by nature.

When they encounter someone who is more knowledgeable than them, they become manipulative instead of angry or hasty

4) Sagittarius

It is easy to mistake Sagittarius for being self-centered, but in actuality, it is their need for independence that propels them ahead in life.

That is to say, if you can't keep up with them, they will on on their journey without you.

5) Taurus

Taureans are known for their inability to open up to others. They risk developing a narcissistic and materialistic worldview if they put too much stock in their material goods.

Their egotism is intensified by their self-centered activities, which are in turn fueled by their empathy and possessiveness.

6) Gemini

Gemini spreads information on people for selfish reasons. They care more about others than themselves.

Gemini has a tendency to unhealthily spew out knowledge, which can lead to them breaking the trust of those around them.

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