Zodiac Signs Ranking From Most to Least Loyal!

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1) Scorpio

If there is one person you can depend on no matter what, it's a Scorpio. It's true that Scorpios are fierce protectors of those they care about.

2) Taurus

Taureans are quite set in their ways, so once they've decided to commit to someone, there's no changing their thoughts or testing their allegiance.

3) Cancer

Cancer personalities prefer open communication in relationships. Cancers stick with joyful people for life.

4) Leo

Fierce Leos will defend their loved ones at any cost. As a result, Leos take extreme steps to maintain their fidelity and resent having it called into doubt.

5) Libra

Libra personalities are so full of love and romance that they would never even consider thinking anything dishonest or harmful.

6) Aries

The fiery temperament of those with the Aries personality type makes them reluctant to confinement. If they are in a relationship, Aries' love life could go either way.

7) Gemini

Once in love, a Gemini will do whatever it takes to ensure the success of their relationship, as loyalty becomes second nature to them.

8) Virgo

When it comes to love and relationships, Virgo personality types can be somewhat deceitful and sneaky. They are not the most dedicated individuals.

9) Capricorn

Capricorns adore being the best, therefore they won't mind if they have to crush someone to get what they want, despite their professed loyalty.

10) Pisces

Due to their natural ambivalence, the Pisces personality enjoys mixing and meeting new people, and commitment is not one of their greatest traits.

11) Aquarius

Aquarius is one of the most ambitious and tenacious zodiac signs; believe us when we say that Aquarius will not hesitate to step on others to achieve their goals.

12) Sagittarius

There is a reason why Sagittarius is regarded the zodiac's biggest deceiver. Sagittarians are inconsistent and have difficulty maintaining relationships.

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