Zodiac Signs Known To Be Least Romantic!

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6) Scorpio

Scorpios can be sexual, but not always on a date. Scorpio is passionate and lustful, but not always romantic.

Scorpio's deep, subconscious limits make intimacy difficult. Close relationships are tough for the sign because it does not trust easily.

5) Virgo

Virgos are picky about their life partners. They may be in a casual relationship with someone, but they will not commit unless they meet their exacting standards.

Virgos are not inherently harsh; they are simply hyperaware of how things may be improved, so they are drawn to imperfections by default.

4) Sagittarius

The independence of Sagittarius makes them difficult to work with. "Their adventurous souls wish to flee away" when his sign becomes too comfortable.

Sags are afraid of losing their freedom, therefore they avoid relationships. Settling down worries them, which can make romance difficult.

3) Capricorn

This sign may appear icy at first glance. Capricorns are "great in bed," but that's where their passion ends.

Storybook romantics may feel out of place on a first date with a Cap. Because of their focus on the future, romantic pursuits may feel more like work than pleasure to them.

2) Aries

Due to their preoccupation with their own life, Aries have difficulty focusing on the goals and needs of others. Aries are "the most self-centered" among the zodiac signs.

Aries may appreciate getting to know new people, but this is typically because they enjoy the thrill of meeting someone new.

1) Aquarius

Aquarians are dreamy. This sign is always in deep thought, but not about love. The Aquarius preference for "freedom, autonomy, and space" is hardly romantic.

If you're an air sign, "Aquarius is always trying to figure out their relationships, but romance is a feeling you need to enjoy, not a book you need to read."

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