You Are Mispronouncing These Food Names!

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Instead of "keen-oh-ah," as the spelling suggests, the correct pronunciation is "keen-wah." 

1) Quinoa

"Chuh-ree-zoh" and "chuh-ree-soh" are both acceptable pronunciations, while "chuh-ree-tho" is the correct pronunciation in Castilian Spanish.

2) Chorizo

This traditional Greek street meal is great with gobs of yogurt sauce and a silent "g." The correct pronunciation is "yee-roh" or "yee-ree" (gyri).

3) Gyro

The "g" should be pronounced like "gh-ouw-da," with a guttural, throat-clearing sound, like in Dutch. It can alternatively be pronounced "how-da," which is a bit simpler.

4) Gouda

This semi-hard Swiss cheese is pronounced "grew-yeah" in American English and "gree-yeah" in British English; it's manufactured from raw cow's milk.

5) Gruyère

The king of mozzarellas is a water buffalo-milk cheese packed with cream and milk curds. Its pronunciation is "boo-rah-ta"

6) Burrata

It is pronounced "ess-press-oh" and is a single serving of coffee topped with a crema or head that is the color of toffee.

7) Espresso

 Despite its brevity, the correct pronunciation of this Brazilian berry's name is "ah-sigh-ee" with three syllables.

8) Açaí

This velvety coffee, which is often prepared with a double espresso and steamed milk, is pronounced "la-teh."

9) Latte

Its name appears like a tongue-tripping hazard, but pronouncing it is simple: just omit the first "r" and say "see-ra-cha."

10) Sriracha

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