Why You Shouldn't Cook With Chopped Garlic Right Away?

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Garlic is amazing. It adds flavor and kick to meals from various cuisines. Garlic is tasty and provides various health advantages.

The component allicin is responsible for many of garlic's beneficial effects on health. Garlic's signature spicy flavor and smell come from allicin.

Chewing (raw), chopping, crushing, mincing, or slicing fresh garlic activates the alliinase enzyme, which transforms alliin into allicin.

But, Allicin is only moderately stable as a chemical and can be destroyed by merely a few minutes of cooking at high temperatures.

There's an easy technique to extend allicin's effects, even if you have to sauté the garlic. Wait 10 minutes before adding the sliced garlic.

Although allicin production begins within seconds after cutting garlic, the largest amount of allicin is created after 10 minutes.

During the remaining 10 minutes, you can continue to prepare additional items for your dish, or you can begin cooking other ingredients.

By delaying the addition of garlic until later in the cooking process, you reduce the risk of burning it, which is a common occurrence when garlic is added too early.

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