Why You Should Not Shower During A Thunderstorm?

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If you've ever heard the old wives' tale that you can get a shock from the lightning if you take a shower during a storm, you might have rolled your eyes.

It is True!

This is actually true. Rarely, it's happened. Using plumbing or water near the lightning route is a lightning safety issue.

Electricity is not easily conducted through pure water. But water we drink is not truly clean. For its electrical conductivity, it relies on the dissolved minerals it contains.

When lightning strikes a house, it might travel to the ground via the plumbing, wiring, or phone lines.

During a lightning storm, you should avoid showering, cleaning the dishes, or even washing your hands, as these activities increase your risk of being struck.

Avoid utilizing water inside your home during a thunderstorm due to the threat posed by the lightning's energy and the lightning's rapid occurrence, in less than a second.

Can You Use Restroom?

The dishes can wait, too; the conventional rule is 30 minutes after the storm has passed, but you're generally okay going to the restroom.

Will it be risky?

Using the toilet carries some risk, but it isn't as high as taking a shower or washing your hands because you aren't truly immersed in water.

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