Why These Zodiacs Are Better Being Single!

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1) Gemini

Anyone who has spent any time with a Gemini knows that the sign's personality doesn't always mesh well with committed partnerships.


This sign knows they can quickly shift from hot to cool, so they like to wait until they are confident in the connection before jumping in.

2) Sagittarius

While Sagittarius isn't frightened of tying the knot, they won't do so unless they're sure they've discovered "The One."


Because this zodiac sign prefers their independence, they are leery of partners that are too needy or possessive.

3) Aquarius

They are among the most empathetic and generous people you'll ever meet, yet they need time alone to think things out.


It's challenging to find someone who is compatible with them because of the need for a complete understanding of and acceptance of their worldview.

4) Pisces

They are eager to express devotion and dedication, but rapidly become overwhelmed.


For many Pisces, the belief that they do not deserve their current spouse is sufficient motivation to seek an exit from their relationship.

5) Virgo

When Virgos meet a partner, they have an ideal relationship in mind, and it goes without saying that married life is laden with challenges.


However, Virgo will reject anything that is not perfect. Instead, they choose to wait for "The Perfect Partner," regardless of the duration.

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