Which Zodiacs Are Most Superstitious?

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Avoid walking in the cracks in the sidewalk. Make sure you rock those blue socks on game day. Possible causes of such superstitious behavior include one's birth date.

Here are the six zodiac signs that are the most likely to believe in superstitions, ranging from mildly curious to completely paranoid.

6) Virgo

You may believe that a Virgo's type-A attitude makes them too rational to be superstitious, but their perfectionism is the root of their superstitions.

5) Aquarius

Aquarians recognize that there is much more to the universe than is often believed. Consequently, spirituality & superstitions are inherent components of their way of life.

4) Libra

This deep-thinking air sign seeks equity and peace. They hunt for meanings and patterns in their daily lives and follow routines to prevent tragedy.

3) Scorpio

Scorpios adore dark, terrifying, and mysterious things, including superstitions. Superstitions are a way to protect themselves.

2) Cancer

Certain routines can help Cancers manage their stress. Following superstitions provides them with the sense of security and comfort they're looking for in life.

1) Pisces

Pisces individuals are naturally mystic. Considered the most spiritual of the zodiac signs, this esoteric water sign lays the biggest importance on occult matters.

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