Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Two-Faced?

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It's hard to recognize two-faced people. They're nice while you are with them. Then you learn from another friend that they've been criticizing you behind your back.

According to astrologers, you may easily recognize them by their zodiac signs. Here are most two-faced zodiac signs.

6) Sagittarius

This sign isn't maliciously two-faced. Instead, they simply want to cheer everyone up, even if that means telling a white fib or two.

5) Pisces

Pisces folks are noted for being empathic to the point of being psychic. So it's no surprise that they'll tell a white lie to make you feel better.

4) Cancer

Cancer's symbol is two circles pointing in opposite directions, therefore they tend to express the polar opposite of what they are feeling on the inside.

3) Libra

Libras are unable to keep secrets because they are unable to keep their lips shut. If you reveal a juicy secret to a Libra, they can't wait to tell someone else.

2) Scorpio

This is a sign with a reputation for being deceptive, and sometimes it even goes completely two ways. A Scorpion's drive to succeed will take them to any lengths.

1) Gemini

The truth they speak in any one instant is subject to alter depending on the circumstances, so what they say or do one minute may be completely contradicted the next.

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