Which City To Retire In, Based On Your Zodiac!

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Aries: New York City

You won't be bored in New York City, what with its teeming nightlife, chic bars open till dawn, and culturally diverse streets.

Taurus: Lyon, France

You probably wouldn't enjoy the crowds in Paris, but you'd be well at home in Lyon, thanks to the city's wonderful cuisine and old buildings.

Gemini: Barcelona, Spain

The colorful and cheerful atmosphere of Barcelona is great for your sociable and outgoing attitude.

Cancer: Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton is the place to retire if lounging on the beach with a good romance novel is your idea of a good time.

Leo: Sydney, Australia

Leo, are you prepared to soak up the sun? Sydney, renowned for its beaches and surf culture, has both a laid-back coastal lifestyle and a lively social scene.

Virgo: Nashville, Tennessee

Instead of visiting trendy tourism destinations that may overwhelm you, retire to a city recognized for its live music, friendly residents, & so much more.

Libra: New Orleans

You want nature and a hip social scene. New Orleans is a beautiful blend of culture, people, nightlife, and more.

Scorpio: Medellin, Colombia

If you're a Scorpio, you're notoriously picky. Medellin, Colombia, however, is a hidden treasure among retirement locations, and it is full of mystery and beauty.

Sagittarius: Tokyo, Japan

Enjoy a luxurious retirement in one of Tokyo's many studio flats. You can stow your belongings and get some shut-eye before continuing on your journey.

Capricorn: Napa Valley

You'd rather spend money on peace and quiet. You understand that retiring in style isn't inexpensive, despite Napa Valley's premium prices.

Aquarius: Seoul, South Korea

Seoul has become one of the world's trendiest cities by combining culture and technology. Exciting new pastimes can be found there.

Pisces: Portland, Maine

Considering your passion for whimsy and romanticism, there is no better place to spend your senior years than on the picturesque Maine coast.

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