What's Your Zodiac's Power Color?

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Aries - Red

Red is intended to arouse passion, which is precisely what you need as a fire sign. Wearing red to an interview will increase your confidence.

Taurus - Green

Your zodiac sign is Earth, so the color green symbolizes nature. You are consistent, patient, and growing like nature. You can identify deteriorating relationships.

Gemini - Yellow

Just like the color yellow, you're energetic and vivacious. Inspired curiosity is a must. You bring light and warmth into the world, just like the sun.

Cancer - White

White is ethereal and delicate, like a dove's wings, and it reflects elegance like the silver moon does in still water.

Leo- Gold

When wearing gold like a king or queen, one feels powerful and content. Your gold trinkets can only increase your power and make you more powerful.

Virgo - Brown

You are cautious and thoughtful, and these colors reflect your stability and growth. You are very concerned with improving and growing, as long as you do not go too far.

Libra - Pink

You're already friendly, but these colors will make you even friendlier. Blue symbolizes peace, while pink demonstrates concern.

Scorpio - Black

Black gives you more power and mystery. Wear black to heighten your deductive reasoning and sense of mystery.

Sagittarius - Purple

Purple makes you more open and aware of life. As a traveler, you realize that life gives you many different points of view and opinions, which you can take in and learn from.

Capricorn - Gray

You like traditions and things that are easy. These colors aren't boring; they work well and can be used in many ways. These colors are straightforward and useful.

Aquarius - Blue

Concentration is difficult for a restless sign like you. Blue helps calm restless energy, allowing you to think creatively without fighting your rapid-fire thoughts.

Pisces - Light Green

The light green color enhances your natural healing powers. Lighter green hues enhance your capacity to heal and inspire.

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