What's The Taste of Celery? Bitter or Sweet?

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Celery tastes like...? Celery has flavor, against popular belief. It's mild, but it is there. So, what flavor does celery have?

Everyone thinks of celery as a salty, crunchy green vegetable. What kind of soil a stalk of celery was grown in has a significant impact on its flavor.

What Is Celery?

Celery is an Apiaceae plant. Carrots, parsley, and parsnips are related. Celery comes in leaf, stalk, and celeria types. Most Americans eat stalk or pascal celery.

Taste of Celery

The flavor of celery leaves is typically stronger than that of stalks. And the flavor of these leaves can range from harsh & earthy to bland & slightly peppery.

Depending on where the celery was cultivated, the stalks may be salty, peppery, or slightly sweet. The leaves of celery possess a more bitter taste than the stalk.

Celery has a softer and more juicy flavor when the stalks are lighter in color. Choose the celery with the lightest stalk when you're at the store next time.

Some people enjoy celery while others detest it. This is due to the strong flavor and odor of celery, which some individuals cannot abide.

Taste of Celery Juice

Celery juice tastes like celery in liquid form: leafy, dull, salty, and earthy or sweet. Some people may prefer to add sweets or other fruits to enhance the celery flavor.

The growing conditions for fresh celery give it its characteristic sweetness. Without enough water or blanching, celery will turn bitter.

Is It Bitter in Taste?

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