Virgo's Best & Worst Dating Compatibility!

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Compatible - Scorpio

According to compatibility, the most compatible signs are Scorpio & Virgo. There is favorable compatibility between Scorpio & Virgo due to their respective outlooks on life.

Compatible - Capricorn

Capricorn and Virgo are one of the most harmonious astrological signs. Cap and Virgo collaborate to care for their loved ones and create a warm and welcoming home.

Compatible - Taurus

Taurus and Virgo, like the earth signs, have comparable likes and dislikes. Virgos and Tauruses compliment each other when it comes to designing a nice, classic home.

Compatible - Cancer

These two zodiac signs are a perfect match. Cancers and Virgos are both nurturing and attract each other.

Incompatible - Gemini

Geminis can seem scattered and unfocused to Virgos. A lot of the time, Virgo will be let down by Gemini because of their lack of focused effort.

Incompatible - Sagittarius

Being a sign of the free spirit, Sagittarius has a tendency to wander off and become disoriented. There are times when Virgo will find Sagittarius irritating.

Incompatible - Aquarius

Virgo attends to the forest one tree at a time, but Aquarius tends to the forest so much that it frequently overlooks the individual, including their relationship.

Incompatible - Leo

Virgo is focused about putting in the hours, whereas Leo is all about showing up. They are both zodiac signs that are stubborn and unyielding.

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