Useful Tips For A Better Fuel Economy!

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1) Keep tank at half

When there is a potential of shortages, such as a dearth of gas delivery drivers or an approaching hurricane, have at least a half-tank of fuel on hand.

2) Check for prices online

GasBuddy and other applications and websites make it simple to find best local gas prices, making it simple to get the greatest offers in your area or when traveling.

3) Drive Evenly

As much as possible, stay away from sudden acceleration and deceleration. More fuel is used when acceleration is higher. Unneeded braking burns down the fuel.

4) Pay attention to aerodynamics

Discard roof racks. At highway speeds, aerodynamic drag requires the utilization of more than 50% of engine power. Avoid dumping extraneous stuff on the roof.

5) Buy good quality gas

Higher-quality gas is produced as a consequence of the voluntary cooperation of several gas station brands, including Chevron, Costco, Exxon, Mobil, and Shell.

6) Obey Speed Limits

Don't go crazy on the road; slow down and be careful. The fuel efficiency of your car may be greatly affected by the way you drive.

7) Avoid unnecessary travel

It is possible to alleviate the gas scarcity by postponing errands and other activities that require the use of a vehicle.

8) Check tire-pressure

Tire performance, tire life, and gas mileage might all suffer if you don't inflate your tires to the pressure specified on the sticker on your doorjamb.

9) Skip the AC

Utilizing an air conditioner results in a gas usage. Even if you only open the windows and try to stay warm in moderate weather, you'll save money.

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