These Zodiacs Are The Most Confrontational!

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Exercising, socializing, and helping others can give folks a natural high. Others desire conflict to bolster themselves. They'll fight over everything.

Maybe think about their birth year if you're dealing with someone like this. Find out which six zodiac signs, are the most confrontational.

6) Virgo

You may know Virgos as control freaks, and if "they cannot control a situation" or if you disrupt their plans and cause turmoil in their lives, you will be addressed.

5) Capricorn

Capricorns appear "calm, collected, and cool." If others are misbehaving, causing chaos, or interfering with plans, Capricorns have no issue expressing how they feel.

4) Leo

These lions are always correct. Leo is unconcerned by others' opinions. When their worldviews clash with others', a situation might get heated.

3) Sagittarius

If you disagree with them, they will continue to demonstrate their position until you give in and agree with them.

2) Scorpio

Expect a Scorpio's confrontations to be more manipulative and sophisticated - think mind games and power tactics - than forthright.

1) Aries

As the sign of war and rage, Aries is the most combative of the zodiac. They won't give up until you acknowledge their point.

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