These Zodiac Signs Are Most Sophisticated!

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Isn't it true that certain people appear to be effortlessly elegant? They can walk in high heels without stumbling and know the best new restaurants.

If you're jealous of their polished, cultured persona, their horoscope may be to reason. Here are the 6 most sophisticated zodiacs!

6) Scorpio

This sign is the master at playing others and deceiving them in an alluring, magnetic way. Scorpios appear refined because they think they're the smartest.

5) Leo

The fact that the kings and queens are seen as elegant is not surprising. They adore the spotlight, after all. Social appeal gives them a polished look.

4) Capricorn

Because Capricorns are always looking to climb the corporate ladder, they often act as though their superiors are watching them at all times.

3) Taurus

Taurus loves luxury. They want high-thread-count linens and luxury purses. Taureans may not be the most sophisticated, but they enjoy luxury.

2) Sagittarius

The most adventurous zodiac sign, Sags always have a crazy story to share. Most of that comes from their love of travel and culture.

1) Libra

Libras are dedicated to fairness and balance, both in how they hold themselves and how they treat others. They're confident and accessible.

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