The Way You Will Argue, As Per Your Zodiac!

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If you're an Aries, you don't back down easily when you're furious or unhappy. It's not easy to change someone's mind when they're wrong about anything.


Though you don't come out as particularly aggressive or bold in a debate, your consistent and genuine nature actually makes you rather convincing.


A civilized discussion is more likely to occur than a heated argument. It's hard for people to guess what you'll do next when you're in the middle of an argument.


Cancer worsens when argued with. Even if you're nice and polite, you tend to utilize your emotions to persuade others.


Leo, a fiery sign, can handle disputes. You won't waste time attempting to convince others of your beliefs because you already know them.


You're passive-aggressive because you don't like being harsh or starting fights. You're laid-back and don't like open conflict.


You prefer to find a solution that works for everyone and prevents the situation from spiraling out of hand when it becomes difficult.


You have no fear of conflict, yet you are cunning and smart. Even though Scorpio doesn't want conflict, it's crucial to choose your battles wisely.


You will not hesitate to retaliate if the other person engages in cheap shots at you. Then it's impossible to quit until you've got your final word.


Capricorns are difficult to argue with since they can be a touch cruel. You have difficulty letting go of your own prejudices.


You'll approach the issue sensibly and want to find a solution. Aquarius. During a battle, you suppress your feelings.


When you debate, you lead with your emotions. Pisces cannot understand others when their emotions are high.

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