The Most to Least Stylish Zodiac Signs!

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1) Leo

The most stylish zodiac sign is Leo. You have a passion for fashion. As soon as something new is released, you are ready to obtain it.

2) Libra

Libra's life is a catwalk. You adore copying models' fashion sense for high-end luxury firms. If you're at Fashion Week, people might mistake you for a celebrity.

3) Aquarius

As a water sign, Aquarius appreciates the experimental. You can easily choose an outfit without digging through your closet.

4) Taurus

Taurus is a trendy but laid-back sign. You want to appear your best when you're out in public. You'll grab the first article of clothing you can find to keep yourself warm & cocooned.

5) Sagittarius

Sagittarius prefers low-key ensembles that don't call very much effort. You, Leo rising in Sagittarius, appreciate the finer things in life.

6) Pisces

This sign has a reputation for wearing outrageous clothing. Because of who you are as a person, you are comfortable trying new styles.

7) Cancer

Cancer is a shopper's worst nightmare. You're constantly purchasing new clothing, yet your compulsion pushes you to purchase products that aren't necessarily stylish.

8) Scorpio

When it comes to fashion, Scorpio has a mysterious sense of style. You appreciate standing out from the crowd.

9) Aries

In his own way, Aries stands out. When it comes to fashion, Aries sun Leo rising people spend a lot of time determining what to wear to lure someone.

10) Capricorn

Capricorns have an adventurous sense of style. The fact that you combine seemingly incompatible aesthetics may not be to everyone's liking.

11) Gemini

The mutable Twins aren't into the fads of the moment. You aren't the type of sign to put too much stock in outward appearances.

12) Virgo

The personality of the Zodiac sign Virgo is the least charming. You're the sort to plan your clothing for when it's dark! You clearly do not keep up with the latest trends.

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