The Flower For You As Per Your Birth Month!

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January: Carnation and Snowdrop

Meaning: Admiration, Love, Hope

February: Violet and Primrose

Meaning: Modesty, faithfulness

March: Daffodil and Jonquil

Meaning: New beginnings, prosperity

April: Daisy and Sweet Pea

Meaning: Purity, innocence, blissful pleasure

May: Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

Meaning: Sweetness, motherhood

June: Rose and Honeysuckle

Meaning: Romance, Happiness

July: Larkspur and Water Lily

Meaning: Positivity, dignity

August: Gladiolus and Poppy

Meaning: Positivity, dignity

September: Aster and Morning Glory

Meaning: Love, affection

October: Marigold and Cosmos

Meaning: Creativity, passion

November: Chrysanthemum

Meaning: Loyalty, honesty

December: Narcissus and Holly

Meaning: Hope, wealth, protection, defense

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