Tattoo Ink: Is It Really Safe?

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In America, tattoos were formerly seen as a symbol of defiance but are now widely celebrated. Tattoos are gaining acceptance as their negative connotations fade.

Because a tattoo is so permanent, it is critical to understand whether the ink put into the dermis layer is safe. Is getting a tattoo bad for your health?

Are Tattoos safe?

Tattoos are beautiful, enjoyable to look at, and can be extremely significant to the wearer – but there are risks associated with tattoos and the ink used to create them.

The Risks

The Mayo Clinic reports that some people are allergic to the colours used in tattoo ink, especially red, blue, and green.

It is possible that the ink will cause an itchy rash or a skin infection. According to the FDA, ink polluted with bacteria or mold can cause illnesses.

There is no way to know if the ink is safe or not. In the case of a severe infection, a high fever, shaking, chills, and sweating may be present.

Tattoos can leave scars or granulomas. The FDA says granulomas occur when the body recognizes a tattoo as a foreign thing and forms knots or bumps surrounding it.

What Should You Do?

Given these considerations, getting a tattoo might not be the best idea. Choose a qualified tattoo artist if you're set on getting one.

The Mayo Clinic says tattoo artists should use fresh gloves, wash their hands, and disinfect any equipment not thrown away.

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