Stay away from these 9 Type of friends!

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1) The Fault Finder

They are ready to find fault with everything you do or say. If you are unable to maintain the friendship or if your self-esteem is hurting, take a break.

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2) The Always Advisor

If you truly cherish your friend's company, you owe it to her to make it plain that you don't require her advice unless you specifically ask for it.

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3) The Self-Obsessed

Extremely self-obsessed is someone who only worries about herself and refuses to tell you anything about herself. Leave such individuals alone.

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4) The Copy Cat

If you want to keep her for the long haul, protect yourself by keeping things more secret or by being more cautious about when you give information.

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5) The Promise Breaker

If this inclination puts you in too many dangerous situations and makes you feel frustrated or unsatisfied with yourself, it may be time to abandon ship.

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6) The Risky One

Your daredevil friend's actions, which include stealing, drug experimenting, and unsafe driving, should raise serious red flags. You must protect yourself.

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7) The Competing One

If your friend feels the need to buy a larger or more expensive property than yours in order to appear more successful than you, it may be time to call it quits.

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8) The Abuser

No one should be verbally, physically, or sexually abused. Keep in mind that if someone makes violent or spiteful words, you are being verbally abused.

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9) The Double-Crosser

If the double-cross happened only once, you may choose to keep the friendship but make it plain that this is unacceptable behavior.

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