Signs That You're Addicted To Marijuana!

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Symptoms of marijuana use disorder include apathy, lack of motivation, impatience, lack of interest in everyday duties, inability to concentrate, and feelings of loneliness.

1) Overall Lack of Interest

Marijuana use can lead to a lack of initiative, which can have negative effects on your life. This can result in unemployment and missed employment opportunities.

2) Difficulty in Relationships

Due to the loss of interest associated with marijuana usage, it is possible for individuals to make little to no effort in sustaining or creating relationships.

Parents who frequently find themselves too high to be emotionally available to their children may choose to seek a change in lifestyle.

3) Issues in remembering or focusing on things

Symptoms of marijuana use disorder include problems with short-term memory, learning, motor function, and inattention.

Long-term marijuana use can result in anxiety, depression, decreased memory, psychosis, paranoia, and suicidal ideas.

4) Having Withdrawal Symptoms

If you discontinue using marijuana after consuming it regularly for at least two months, you may experience withdrawal symptoms.

Heavy marijuana users may experience adverse effects such as abdominal pain, nausea, lung irritation, panic attacks, etc.

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