Ranking Zodiacs From Most Evil to Least Evil!

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1) Scorpio

Scorpio unquestionably wins the award for "Most Evil Zodiac Sign." A Scorpio's complex character can be shown in their many different sides.

2) Leo

It is obvious that a sign that desires attention would have a malicious disposition. Leo delights in being the center of attention and will do anything to keep this position.

3) Virgo

Virgo is one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac, but they often use their intelligence to plan bad things.

4) Aries

Aries is one of the three Fire signs, and as such, they are naturally irritable and will not tolerate being treated unfairly.

5) Taurus

A Taurus person is not easily offended, and once they've been harmed, they have a hard time forgiving and moving on.

6) Capricorn

Capricorns are said to be icy in temperament but cunning in strategy. Capricorn is a sensible and wise sign when it comes to dealing with disagreements.

7) Aquarius

Aquarius is laid-back and free-spirited until they feel trapped. Aquarius' dark side emerges when threatened or angry.

8) Gemini

Since Gemini is one of the most sociable zodiac signs, it never even crosses its mind to plot evil schemes or attacks on others.

9) Cancer

Due to its reputation as one of the zodiac's most emotional signs, Cancer's relatively low position in the astrological rankings should come as no surprise.

10) Sagittarius

We automatically picture a free-spirited, optimistic person under the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius has an unhealthy obsession with being funny.

11) Pisces

The Pisces personality avoids negativity wherever possible and lacks a cruel bone in their body.

12) Libra

Libra is powerless to be evil since they are one of three zodiac signs that are "too polite" for their own good.

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