Ranking Zodiac Signs From Most ACTIVE TO LAZIEST!

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1) Virgo

This zodiac sign is never happy with satisfactory or even adequate results; everything they do must be immaculate. This sign is precise in its execution.

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2) Capricorn

Capricorns are among the least sluggish people you will ever meet. This zodiac sign is too ambitious and driven to let any laziness into their lives.

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3) Aries

This sign doesn't let delay influence its thoughts; instead, it takes immediate and decisive action. This is a hopeful portent.

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4) Scorpio

Although a Scorpio's enthusiasm and vigor can rise and fall with their mood, at their core they are highly motivated and persistent people.

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5) Gemini

Geminis are not typical couch potatoes because they are the zodiac's most inquisitive sign and seek information from all sources.

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6) Libra

Libras will give out their whole effort in whatever they are engaged in as long as they have the will to do so.

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7) Cancer

You can never be sure if their difficulty to rate is due to laziness or the fact that they work slowly and steadily. Their mood is inversely related to their output.

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8) Pisces

Pisces desires to be more active and determined, but their environment is too chaotic for them to maintain concentration.

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9) Leo

Leos have a propensity to undervalue the efforts of their contemporaries and hence back off whenever possible. They make an effort to mask it with charisma.

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10) Taurus

Despite the fact that this zodiac sign may be willing to work for years at a job, they strived for the bare minimum. Taurus seeks comfort beyond all else.

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11) Aquarius

Although Aquarius is a very intelligent and curious zodiac sign, they are not always eager to engage in jobs or pastimes that they find dull or mundane.

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12) Sagittarius

When it comes to Sagittarius, the most essential factor is that they feel in charge of their time and independence, which causes them to be the most slothful.

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