Ranking zodiac signs from most to least emotional!

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1) Pisces

They have a genuine concern for the people in their lives. Pisceans have a propensity for intense emotional reactions.

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2) Cancer

People of the Cancer sign may look tougher than they are, but they actually have more vulnerabilities than meet the eye.

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3) Libra

If you're a Libra, you know that you're known for being emotionally sensitive to the point where it heavily influences your choices.

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4) Gemini

Geminis can get protective and uncomfortable if they believe they are being attacked or targeted. They aren't the best at controlling their emotions.

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5) Virgo

Virgo personalities are perfect for sensitive, aware people. Life's pressures can make them depressed.

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6) Scorpio

When it comes to their inner self, Scorpios can be extremely sensitive, despite their stern exterior.

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7) Taurus

They are compassionate, welcoming, and always have the backs of their friends, yet when irritated, they can explode!

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8) Capricorn

Capricorns are extremely structured and devoted to their endeavors; nevertheless, when they feel criticized or ridiculed, their inner emotions surface and tears pour.

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9) Leo

They are inclined to be emotional and sincere, but when they are not invested, they appear disinterested and even chilly.

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10) Sagittarius

Nothing seems to faze the Sagittarius personality. These people want to enjoy life and dislike drama.

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11) Aries

The nature of an Aries is to act on impulse. While it's great that an Aries appreciates the fast lane of life, it also leaves little space for error.

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12) Aquarius

The Aquarius personality is fully insensitive and chooses to express themselves in every situation without regard for the feelings of others.

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