Most Stubborn To Go With The Flow Zodiac Signs!

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1) Taurus 

Taurus is the most obstinate of the zodiac signs. They are earth signs, which means they are grounded and realistic people represented by the bull, which is famed for its tenacity.

2) Capricorn 

Capricorns are stubborn. Their concentration on realism makes them no-nonsense leaders. They're fantastic in a crisis.

3) Leo 

Fixed fire sign Leo is stubborn. They're faithful pals whose warmth and friendliness may brighten bleak days, but they're also obstinate.

4) Aquarius 

Aquarius people are progressive, radical thinkers who hate change and being challenged. They're one of the more stubborn zodiac signs.

5) Aries 

Aries is ruled by Mars, the warring planet, and symbolized by the ram. They're stubborn like their head-butting symbol.

6) Scorpio 

Scorpio's permanent water sign signifies a strong disposition. Scorpios are mysterious because they take time to open up.

7) Virgo 

Virgos are either stubborn or incredibly flexible. Virgos are highly structured, grounded, inventive, and flexible.

8) Sagittarius 

Sagittarius isn't the zodiac's most stubborn sign, but they can be. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, a changeable fire sign.

9) Cancer 

Moon rules cardinal water sign Cancer. Cancerians' thick, impenetrable veneer might make them look cold and aloof.

10) Libra 

Libra is a balanced air sign represented by the scales. They're good at making friends and prefer social circumstances to alone.

11) Pisces 

Pisces is a changeable water sign with a semi-directionless nature. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces are idealistic and spiritual.

12) Gemini 

Gemini is the most relaxed sign. Geminis are sociable, flirtatious, adaptable, and relaxed. Geminis are clever, knowledge-hungry learners.

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