Know 4 Instant Benefits Of Quitting Marijuana!

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1) Ease in Breathing

People who abstain from marijuana will have improved cardiovascular endurance and possibly a higher VO2 max.

The good news is that your lungs will begin to heal one to three days after quitting marijuana. Nevertheless, irreparable lung damage is possible.

2) Improved Memory

Neurological functioning like as pleasure, motivation, memory, learning, and cognitive function will begin to recover to normal after four weeks of abstinence.

These findings indicate that the harmful effects of marijuana on the brain are not permanent and that memory and cognition can be recovered over time.

3) Better Sleep

After quitting cannabis use for several days or weeks, some persons may experience insomnia, while others may experience nightmares or more vivid dreams.

After quitting , these symptoms will normally start to improve between the 10th and 20th day after quitting.

4) Reduced Anxiety

As soon as a few days to two weeks have passed after your last hit of cannabis, you should begin to feel some alleviation from these negative feelings.

Even though heavy marijuana use is associated with milder withdrawal symptoms than, say, heroin use, the first few days or weeks sobering up can be trying for anyone.

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