Is Your Zodiac One of Most Down-To-Earth Zodiacs?

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Looking for a friend to share your love of football and cold beer with? When this is the case, it's best to stay away from those who are very anxious or arrogant.

You may look to the stars to find the most laid-back people. These are the six most grounded zodiac signs, according to astrologers.

6) Capricorn

Capricorns may appear surprising because to their determination, but that doesn't stop them from being easy to chat to and highly helpful at work.

5) Virgo

They tend to put pressure on themselves rather than others. Virgos are another earth sign who, as one might think, are practical and logical.

4) Cancer

It's not that they're recluses; they just despise show-offs and attention seekers. As a result, they're frequently soft-spoken and content to let others shine.

3) Aries

Aries are extremely self-sufficient, therefore they don't need to rely on others for anything. This gives them a sense of assurance, making them appear friendly and low-key.

2) Libra

If you're exhausted and want to spend the night unwinding, invite your Libra pal over. And they're the people to turn to for drama-free advice.

1) Taurus

This fixed earth sign is down-to-earth. Yes, they're obstinate bulls, but that's why they'll protect those they love.

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