Is Your Zodiac One of Most Arrogant?

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While confidence is admirable, arrogance wears thin quickly. It can be your coworker grandstands in meetings or a buddy thinks their time is more precious than yours.

However, the cause behind it could be inscribed in the stars. Continue reading for astrologers' opinions on the most arrogant zodiac signs.

6) Gemini

They adore making new friends, talking to strangers, and making others feel comfortable. Their eagerness to be everyone's best friend can make them overlook manners.

5) Aquarius

Don't try to influence their ideas or convince them they're wrong. Aquarius folks are smart and want others to know it.

4) Aries

Aries are the zodiac's fiery leaders, yet they need attention and can't share the spotlight. They think ignorance breeds hubris. So is Aries.

3) Virgo

A Virgo's urge to be correct is one of their defining characteristics. Virgos are usually correct, but that is no reason to put up with their superiority complex.

2) Leo

Leos are over-the-top attention-seekers. Selfishness makes them appear shallow. If a Leo thinks you're beneath them, they won't talk.

1) Taurus

People don't think they're arrogant since they're not as self-absorbed as Leos. Their stubbornness fuels their ego. They never think incorrect.

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