Is Your Partner Pathological Liar? These Signs Will Tell!

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1) Their stories change

Red flags should go up if your significant other tells you or others varying versions of the same tale on a regular basis.

Since they can't keep track of their lies, they have to continuously adjusting their story to accommodate the new details they've provided.

2) They tell things in detail!

If you're dating or married to a pathological liar, their fantastic tales will be especially colorful and dramatic, and they won't spare the details.

In an effort to "make things appear more intriguing," some people would make up details about their lives or embellish stories about inconsequential events.

3) They become defensive when you catch them

Partners should be called out when they are obviously in the wrong. However, people with a compulsive need to deceive will not appreciate this.

If a compulsive liar believes they have been detected, they may react with rage and irritation and become defensive.

4) They sometimes don't know they are lying

You may be dealing with a compulsive liar if, upon pointing out a falsehood, your partner denies any knowledge of having lied. 

Pathological liars lie habitually. Their lies may become so engrained in their daily lives that they perceive them as truth.

Despite the fact that pathological liars typically lie for no genuine cause or concrete advantage, there are times when they do so to seek attention or impress.

5) They lie for attention

It's possible they'll embellish their successes and minimize their mistakes to give the impression that they're doing better than they actually are.

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