How You Can Reject A Date Politely?

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Rejection is one of the most challenging aspects of dating, both being rejected and having to reject someone else.

How do you tell someone they "should" be your type but you're not really into them?

1) Warn the person about bad news

They will be better prepared for the next round of criticism because of this. Please forewarn the person of some bad news they will soon receive.

2) Apologize beforehand saying anything

This reduces the person's reaction to you. Please use "I'm sorry," "I apologize," and "I'm sorry there is no easier way to say this."

3) Tell the truth

Tell the individual the truth and any other information you consider vital for them to know. Explain the reasoning for your decision not to move forward with them.

4) Leave them with positive thoughts

Tell them all of their admirable characteristics and what you like about them. People never forget your final words.

Why It's Hard to Give Breakup News

The danger of backlash exists: No one desires to be the bearer of bad news. You are the message, thus the adage "don't shoot the messenger" is applicable.

2) The dread of being disliked: No one enjoys being dubbed the bad person when they have done nothing wrong.

3) Remorse for having caused emotional distress to another person: It's painful to consider disappointing or upsetting someone who hasn't done anything wrong.

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