How Soon After Eating Can I Start Working Out?

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Let's imagine you just finished a meal and suddenly feel compelled to head to the gym. Should you wait a while after eating before exercising?

It all depends on what you ate and what kind of exercise you intend to do, say the experts when determining how long you should wait.

More time between a big lunch and an exercise is beneficial. If you exercise right after eating, you may have digestive issues.

If going for a walk

There's no need to worry about when you eat if you just want to go for a casual stroll. A leisurely stroll after a meal will likely feel relaxing and may aid digestion.

But for a workout

Depending on body size, age, gender, and metabolic rate, most people should eat two to four hours before a workout.

If consumed fat-risch food

Waiting a bit longer may be needed if you consume bigger quantities of food, meals with higher fat and fiber content.

If you consumed a high-fat meal, such as avocado toast or pizza, you may also need to wait a few hours, as fat takes longer to digest than other macronutrients.


Wait two to four hours after a substantial meal and 30 to 60 minutes after a snack before exercising. Consequently, always go with your gut instinct.

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