How Many Times Each Zodiac Will Fall In Love?

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Aries: Once

Even though Aries is sometimes guilty of jumping headfirst into relationships, they only get one shot at real love.

Taurus: Atleast Three Times

When a Taurus meets someone they're attracted to, they instantly begin fantasizing about a future with them.

Gemini: Once

Gemini is one of the most immature zodiac signs, making love difficult. Gemini is also one of the least romantic zodiac signs.

Cancer: Over Five Times

Cancer, a sensitive zodiac sign, falls in love fast and often. Cancer loves deeply and doesn't hide it.

Leo: Just Once

Leo is undoubtedly one of the most demanding zodiac signs, and the fact that they are so demanding limits their chances of falling in love.

Virgo: Once

Virgo is sensitive to heartbreak and will go to any length to avoid it. Because of their aversion to taking risks in love, they will only have one experience with it.

Libra: Three Times

Libra is one of the most romantic zodiac signs. Libra falls in love easily because of their fickle temperament.

Scorpio: Once

Scorpio's passionate and compassionate heart is hidden. Dating isn't Scorpio's thing because they don't offer their heart easily.

Sagittarius: Once

Sagittarius is changeable and doesn't commit to a committed relationship. This fire sign may find love once, but it won't last.

Capricorn: Once

Capricorn hates dating and loves one person forever. Capricorn immediately settles down when they find their love.

Aquarius: Zero

The zodiac sign is so devoted to their independence that settling down with one person and fully committing to a relationship feels hard to them.

Pisces: Four Times

The Pisces character is hopelessly romantic and adores committed partnerships. The Piscean heart grows swiftly, and it always hopes for a happy conclusion.

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