How Frequently To Wash Or Replace Your Pillowcase?

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Laundering bedding is a headache, from stripping the bed to wrestling sheets into the wash to stuffing pillows back into their casings.

Unfortunately, there's a reason to wash the sheets once a week, with a maximum of two weeks. It is critical that you maintain that sanctuary tidy.

Still, sheets are one thing, but what about pillowcases? Since they are so close to your face all night, pillowcases might be the most essential bedding item to change.

If you clean your face well, you may think your pillowcase is clean. Even a clean face leaves dead cells, germs, and sebum.

This is especially bad for acne-prone, sensitive skin. By reintroducing dirt and oil, you risk closed pores and fresh outbreaks.

Pillowcases, like the rest of your sheets, should be washed as frequently as once a week in the hottest water available to ensure they stay as clean as possible.

Pillowcases should be washed with detergent and fabric softener devoid of colours and fragrances if you suffer from acne or have a sensitive skin.

Before placing the fabric in the washing machine, add a stain remover, dish soap, or a splash of vinegar to any discolorations.

Don't forget to switch your pillow over during the week so you can sleep on its cleaner side in between washing.

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