Each Zodiac Sign's Unluckiest Month!

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Aries: September

Nothing can stop you when you're in your zone, but come September, the slow and methodical energy of Virgo season seems to put a stop to all of your plans.

Taurus: August

If you prefer a more laid-back pace of life, you may find August's unbridled vitality overwhelming. At this time, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or rushed.

Gemini: March

The emotional energy of March can leave you feeling gloomy and stressed, so simplify your social schedule.

Cancer: October

You struggle during Libra season because to the emphasis on balancing and reorienting priorities. You dislike being ruled by a Moon sign.

Leo: January

The focus on structure, rituals, and labor in January can dampen your free-spirited mood. Capricorn season's pragmatism disappoints you as a fire sign.

Virgo: December

Maybe you're continually arranging details, or the constant action exhausts you. You may feel overburdened and underappreciated in December.

Libra: November

The Scorpio season is sad. This season is more emotional than usual, which can be confusing. November slows you down if you like to stay above the chaos.

Scorpio: February

Aquarius is an air sign that is ruled by the rebellious Uranus. You love how romantic February is, but its unexpected energy wears you out.

Sagittarius: May

The Taurus season can be sad. You don't have the patience or sense of reality that Taurus needs. In May, you tend to stay inside and hide.

Capricorn: April

You're unstoppable until Aries season. Even though Aries season might make you want to work harder, April's nonstop pace can make you tired.

Aquarius: July

The dark and emotional feelings of the Cancer season can make you feel sad. If you're not careful, July's social schedule could leave you tired and stressed out.

Pisces: June

This month, you might feel confused and want to leave. Use June to think about your goals and make plans for a new path.

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