Does Whey Protein Really Result in Acne Breakout?

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Gym-goers like whey because of its rapid absorption and high amino acid concentration, both of which are vital for those seeking to sustain growth.

However, one concern has fitness fanatics wondering if the nutritional supplement is worth utilizing, and that is whether it could be to fault for producing breakouts.

Yes, It Results in Acne!

Whey protein is responsible for the milk effects that increase insulin synthesis and activity, which may contribute more to acne than fat or dairy content.

According to a survey by The Brazilian Society of Dermatology, whey outbreaks are more visible in women than males.

Despite this, men can get whey-related skin disorders. A small-scale study published in Health Promotion Perspectives discovered that whey protein aggravated body acne.

People who use whey protein and those who used to use it all agree on social media that it causes breakouts.

What Helps?

Some say drinking extra water and washing their face more will help prevent whey breakouts, but for acne-prone people, it may not be worth the risk.

The Alternative

Those who are willing to try alternatives to whey will be pleased to know that plant-based proteins have been gaining popularity in recent years.

If after making the switch a person is still having problems, they should stop using protein powder entirely and visit a medical professional or dermatologist.

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