Best & Worst Compatible Signs With Gemini!

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Compatible: Libra

Because they are both air signs, Gemini and Libra complement each other well as spouses and partners, and they assist each other flourish and stay together.

Compatible: Aquarius

Their shared views, desire for autonomy, and appreciation for new experiences will help them create a strong bond.

Compatible: Aries

They have a lot in common, like two closest friends, and that makes them a great match. They'll need to improve their communication skills, though.

Incompatible: Scorpio

It's possible that Gemini and Scorpio is one of the worst combinations for Geminis. When both sides make an effort to solve the problem, a debate ensues.

Incompatible: Taurus

Since Taurus is more set in its ways than Gemini, it has a hard time accepting Gemini's candor. Taurus is a bit of a jerk, but Gemini is quite accepting of others.

Incompatible: Cancer

Since Gemini can be deceptive and insensitive, Cancer is too sensitive for them. Keeping the relationship strong and joyful will be difficult.

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