Alternatives To Investing In Stock Market!

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1) Real estate

There are two main options for real estate investors: direct property acquisition or participation in a real estate investment trust (REIT).

Buying an investment property and renting it out might provide you with a source of income as well as the possibility of capital gains.

2) Peer-to-peer lending

Another investment possibility is peer-to-peer lending. Peerform and Prosper are two more loan websites. P2P lending guarantees bigger earnings than other types of lending.

There is a bigger potential for loss, and borrowers with poor credit may not be able to get approved for conventional loans.

3) Municipal bonds

Municipal bonds are popular among investors since the interest is not taxed at the federal level. This has the potential to benefit some investors.

Municipal bonds can be purchased directly through a broker or a self-managed account. Municipal bond mutual funds and ETFs are available.

4) Treasury bonds

Treasury bonds are a secure investment backed by the government. TreasuryDirect allows you set maturities and face values.

Index funds and index ETFs specialize on bonds, including TIPS, in addition to Treasury bonds. Many brokerage accounts allow you to purchase Treasury bonds.

5) Cryptocurrency

Individuals eager to speculate can earn from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Lesser-known (and less expensive) tokens could be the next big thing.

Coinbase and Gemini make it relatively easy to purchase cryptocurrency. These exchanges even provide you with a digital wallet to keep and manage your tokens.

6) Art & other collectibles

The buying and selling of artwork is also possible. It's not even required to spend millions of dollars.

On sites like Masterworks and Rally, you can invest in everything from priceless artwork and vintage automobiles to designer sneakers.

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