9 Things You May Think Illegal In US But Aren't!

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1) Monkey as a pet

The good news for those who wish to raise monkeys is that all other 38 states permit it. In Oregon, you can have a monkey as a service animal.

2) Owning Exotic Animals

Keeping a wild animal as a pet is not something we endorse, although in certain places it is not as strictly forbidden as you might expect.

3) Chips with Olestra

Even though Olestra makes it difficult for the body to absorb essential vitamins, the drug is still legal in the United States; thus, you should carefully read the label.

4) Baby walkers

It has also been determined that they are toxic, and in some circumstances, fatal. The use of baby walkers is prohibited in Canada but permitted in the United States.

5) Spanking in school

"Corporal punishment" is a legal term for any sort of physical force used to carry out a sentence. Today, there are still 19 states where this is legal.

6) Marrying your cousin

Marriage to a first cousin, typically the child of an aunt or uncle, is legal in at least 25 states. You can legally wed your cousin in every single US state.

7) Backyard burials

In most places, it is perfectly legal to bury a loved one in a backyard. You should check the zoning laws in your area just to be safe.

8) Removing the mattress tag

Purchased a mattress? If you want, you can remove the mattress tag. No, it is not unlawful. The tag's purpose is commercial.

9) Driving naked

Acceptable. Getting in and out of the car may get you in trouble if detected. Someone could accuse you of public lewdness too.

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