9 Small Expenses That Drain Your Budget!

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1) Food

Food is expensive. Each person eats. However, meals constitute an additional area of waste. A lunch expenditure of $10 per weekday equals $50 per week or $200 per month.

2) Snacks

Everyone overindulges. You need not abstain from these delights, but moderation is essential for your budget. Once each week or per month is acceptable.

3) Lapsed promotional offers

How often have you joined up for a free membership or premium channel but neglected to cancel before the offer period expired?

4) Gasoline

Many Americans spend a lot of money on petrol. Combining errands, carpooling, taking public transportation, and driving more fuel-efficiently can all help to cut monthly gas costs.

5) Sale & Promotions

If you succumb to the temptation, your budget will quickly notify you that you've made a mistake. Instead, start saving money for the item's forthcoming sale right away.

6) Pampering

Some of us benefit from a trip to the salon or a day at the spa every now and then. Taking a getaway is wonderful, but only indulge in expensive activities if you have the money.

7) Banking Fees

Account maintenance, print statements, and other services, to mention a few, may now be included in your monthly bill. Overdraft fees and ATM fees are also regular costs.

8) Cellphone charges

Overage minutes and data will cost you extra unless you have an unlimited plan. Your bill may include unidentified charges too.

9) Other 'Extras'

Because life is unpredictable, it's best to keep an emergency fund on hand. Including more funds in your monthly budget will assist you prevent running out of funds.

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