9 Dating Mistakes That Ruin Women's Chances!

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1) Women often miss decent men who would be better for them because they assume they can only date a certain "type" of person.

2) You eagerly pursue any male who comes near you. Relentlessly pursuing one's goal rarely yields positive results.

3) You anticipate dating an individual that is significantly out of your league or literally wonderful.

4) If you never leave the house, you won't be able to meet new people. Going out and having a nice time will increase the likelihood of meeting a good man.

5) Being a diva is a surefire way to drive away excellent men, so don't be surprised if no decent suitors come knocking on your door.

6) You are striving to date even if you dislike men. If you believe there are only "bad men" in the world, you will attract only those individuals.

7) Women have difficulty finding Mr. Right or a good man due to their reluctance to start contact and put themselves out there.

8) If everyone in your group has problems with domestic violence, infidelity, and commitment, you won't be able to locate a nice mate through your clique's links.

9) The majority of decent men will never accept to a date for a gift. This only attracts the worst males and drives away the best.

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